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Dear Friend,

If you're looking for a quick, easy way to transform your mind and body, then this will be the most important letter you'll read all day... so I suggest you grab a cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable, and set aside a couple minutes to consider this question: 

Sad but true, most people nowadays prefer to run away from reality. But I'm writing you this letter because I'm certain you're different.... otherwise you wouldn't have even read this far.

There comes a time in every time-strapped professional or parent's life when he or she has to stand up and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! And that's the moment when everything starts to change... when life turns around for the better.

Perhaps you're at the point now with your body, healthy, and fitness. If that's the case with you, great!

So... what are you prepared to do about it? 

Imagine how you'll feel when you no longer have to deal with yoyo weight loss, endless self-sabotage, and abysmally low energy.

Imagine what it would be like to put each and every one of these challenges into the past where they belong.

Well, you don't have to "imagine" any longer - in fact:

"I GUARANTEE that when you take advantage of everything included in our Total Body Transformation Program... Your friends and family will see you as the "fit" friend and family member... YOU will love shopping for clothes again, because they all look good on you...YOU will never again be stressed about what to eat, because you have complete control... YOU will finally be confident with your body, free in your mind, and ready to attack life at full speed!"

"What Are You Prepared To Do?"

My name is Brett Denton and I'm a Master Body and Life Transformation Scientist specializing in solving lack of health, fitness, and confidence for time-strapped professionals and parents like you. In Fact, I have been in your shoes.

Out of college I got a job in the medical devices sales, working 16-18 hours days, schlepping equipment around to service patients during "non-working" hours and making sales calls during "working-hours". This left me no time to take care of myself.

For 3 years I saw my health continually decline. I ate whatever I could find whenever I could find it, "trying my best" to make healthy choices. Grilled cheese sandwiches and fast food restaurants hardly qualify as healthy, even if it is at Subway or a salad bar. But, most of the time I didn't even do that.

I would get a huge sandwich...loaded...add chips plus a cookie or two. I had rationalized this as being the healthiest option available. I also managed to convince myself I was getting enough "exercise" through my job even though I spent more than half my day in the car driving from patients to doctor offices.

I went from being a division 1 football player at Boise State University to a moody, stressed, skinny-fat, overworked, underpaid (In my opinion) adult. 

I had fallen into the quicksand of life that victimizes so many others. It took 2 to 2 1/2 years of slaving in that job and destroying my body until my life started falling apart.

I started taking the easy way out at work... I was constantly fighting with my girlfriend...I avoided my boss like the plague... I woke up pissed off and went to bed pissed off...I was exhausted every minute of the day... My sales plummeted...I began loosing accounts that we had been servicing for years...I was in a vicious downward spiral.  

The final straw that broke my back was losing my back was losing my girlfriend. Simply because I was no longer the person she knew me to be. It was then That I decided something needed to be done to get ME back.

I needed to take care of myself. Get my health in order for the rest of my life to work. I needed a foundation of fitness and wellbeing.

It was time to take control of my life by taking control of my health. The end result being the creation of a very special program I'm going to describe in just a minute.

But first, If I could show you a way to overcome lack of health, fitness and confidence today, would you be willing to take action now to do so?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading...because I'm committed to giving you EVERYTHING you need to quickly and easily experience being the "fit" friend, love trying on clothes and finally feel confident with your body, free in your mind, and ready to attack life at full speed. - AND I've put together a very special deal that's only available for a very short time.  

FAST ACTION BONUS#1: "Ultimate Body Transformation Blueprint" -

Retail Value $147!

The exact blueprint we have used in over 1000+ successful body transformations and the step by step guide on how you can join those 1000+ transformations.

FAST ACTION BONUS #2: "Transcend Your Boundaries Coaching Session" -

Retail Value $498!

Sit down with one of our Master Body and Life Transformation Scientists and UNLOCK any breaks, doubts or fears holding you back from accomplishing more than you ever thought possible.

FAST ACTION BONUS #3: "1 Year Body Transformation Do-Anywhere Workout Program" -

Retail Value $199!

12-Months of workouts that are designed to produce rapid results, can be done anywhere with just your body weight and a resistance band, and will tone your body in record time.

All together, these Bonuses RETAIL for $844, but if you act NOW you can get them FREE!

ALL TOGETHER - The Ultimate Body Transformation Program and Bonuses total out to a value of $1388... but if you act NOW before we are full for the year you can get EVERYTHING for just $97/Month!! 

Do you agree that this package could produce the ultimate Mind and Body Transformation you've been looking for? Possibly...but maybe perhaps you think it also sounds almost too good to be true...

Well, You Don't Have To Take Just My Word For It...

  • Eight, Thirty Minute High Intensity Training Sessions per month and Maximum Results in Minimum Time Normally $97
  • LAB 101 Training, Technique Workshops, and Expert Coaching on Correct Exercise Form and How to Maximize Your Workouts for Rapid Results while reducing risk of injury Normally $297
  • Goal Setting Workshop and Crystal Clarity on What You Want to Achieve and a Roadmap on How You Will Achieve it Normally $100
  • InBody Body Composition Analysis and Motivation with Monthly Tweaks to Ensure Success Normally $50
  • Accountability Coaching and Supportive Environment to allow the best possible cocoon for your success $Priceless

All told, that's a pretty comprehensive package. And according to my "back of the envelope" reckoning, the total value here pencils out to at least $544 Normal Retail Value

BUT...Act before We Fill Our Available Spots for the year and You'll Also Receive These FAST-ACTION Bonuses!  

Let's Take a Look at What You'll Get When You Invest in My

"Total Body Transformation Program"...

"LOVE IT! I will admit I was a little skeptical at my orientation. I couldn't comprehend how I could have a good workout in 30 minutes. Then I just stopped thinking and showed up. After 30 minutes I am wiped out. Actually it only takes 6.36 minutes to kick my butt. The workouts are targeted and do more for me than an hour on the treadmill any day."

--Kate McGwire, Radio Personality

"The Lab is like no other fitness center I have ever been too. I have never felt like I've had more control over how I feel and how my body looks. The Lab has given me all the fitness and nutrition tools I need to maintain a very sustainable healthy life. It is a very non-threatening, encouraging, and positive environment."

--Pam Bond

And they're only the beginning. I have folders stuffed with similar stories from folks just like you. Finally, to make this an even EASIER decision, consider this:

My 200% Risk Free "Body Transformation" Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To remove ALL risk to you, you have a full 30-Days to try this system out. Experience everything...And if you don't feel it's the most comprehensive, all-inclusive, supportive, results producing fitness program you have ever done I will refund your money back PLUS buy you a membership to one of my competitors.

So You Really Can't Afford NOT to Invest in My Total Body Transformation Program!

This choice is yours,

Imagine that you could overcome yoyo weight loss, self-sabotage, and abysmally low energy once and for all...and never have to deal with any of it ever again!

Well you can - just by taking the first step now.

Right now, you have two choices:

  • You can either continue on the path of settling to live with poor health, fitness, and confidence.
  • Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in the Total Body Transformation Program. And start to experience YOUR Ultimate Body and Mind Transformation today! 

Don't wait - start today, right now, while it's still hot on your mind. And be prepared to finally see how amazing it will feel to have abundant confidence, energy, and health taken care of once and for all.

Brett Denton

Chief Body and Mind Transformation Scientist

P.S. Don't forget, you must ACT NOW before we fill our spots for the year - don't miss out.